A small OC description meme


1.Draw/Describe them
2. Give a small conversation between you and your oc
3.write/draw an action packed scene! Give details about their weapon or fighting style.
4.how would they calm themselves when in a panic?
5.If your OC ran your blog how would that look?
7. Do they get flustered often? If so what does that look like?
8. Favourite colour
9. Are they ticklish? Draw or write that!
10. Their death

Deko !

1. Petite with platinum blond hair, but dyed green and a light green at the tips until 1/4 (best desc ever). 

Me: “So what do you want to do today?”
Deko: “Party! or go to an aviary! or or or the park and skate! OR OR OR-“
Me: “Video games it is”

3. Deko doesn’t really have weapons but I’d like to think she could command birds.

4. Talk to her wagtail.

5. Full of birds.

6. Talking to…birds.

7. The only people who can frustrate her are mean strangers, her two childhood friends and her “dad”. She’d puff her cheeks.

8. Red

9. Yes. Yes she is.


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While you’re sleeping your OC came to life and uses any method of their choice to wake you up!


How would they wake you?

Reeve wouldn’t wake me
Aster would wake me up with tea
Nako would wake me nicely
Deko would use a pigeon to peck my head  while blasting party music

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Art for “Greed of Man” ; U ; 

you can watch here: http://youtu.be/JwjCd2dOLl4

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My attempt to copy the style of the art style of Luvoratorrrrry! LOL

Watch my cover here  ; U ; 


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"Step by Step: The Place I Once Called Home II"

1 - Sketch
2- Basic Colors and Shapes
3- Adding detail to back
4- Adding detail to the front
5 - Shading + Water Details
6 - Adding the Person
7 - Adding lighting
8 - Lighting adjustments
9 - Final adjustments


Note: I changed my watermark in the final one which is why the sign in steps 7-8 is different from the one in step 9

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"The Place I Once Called Home II" 

"The Place I Once Called Home II" 

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